Digital Vintage Notebook

The Details:

  • Vertical Design
  • 5 Clickable Tabs to keep subjects separate
  • Each tab has paper options (duplicate as needed)
    • Lined
    • Grid
    • Dotted
    • Blank
  • 4 different optional cover images
  • 5 coordinating digital sticky notes to help start personalization


This digital notebook gives you a vintage style look to record all that important information.
It's perfect for work, home, or working from home.
The vertical design mirrors how notes are typically taken, and the five clickable tabs help keep all those subjects separate. Each tab has three pages each of lined, dot, grid and blank pages, which can easily be duplicated where needed.

This is an instant digital download optimized for .pdf annotated notetaking apps like GoodNotes or Notability.

Included with the Digital Notebook:

- 1 digital notebook with 5 clickable tabs to separate subjects and sticker page.
- 4 different cover images to distinguish among your different notebooks
- 5 individual .png sticky note stickers

What you get:

1 .goodnotes file with stickers already in place if using GoodNotes 5 (use the PDF if using GoodNotes 4 and add stickers manually)
1 .pdf file containing the notebook without stickers in place if using an app other than GoodNotes (like Notability), or GoodNotes 4
1. zip file containing the covers images and stickers in individual files
1 .jpg file with download instructions and terms of use

Please note: You will need software or an app that works with annotated .PDF files, such as the Goodnotes or Notability app in order to use the clickable links included in the file.

The Digital Notebook is 300 dpi and is optimized for the GoodNotes app and is best used with an Apple Pencil, however, the cards work with the Notability app also, along with other notetaking apps on an iPad.


The files are an instant download, and no physical product will be sent. Once payment is complete, you will receive have access to your product downloads.


- This digital notebook is for PERSONAL USE, whether in digital or physical form.
- You may not sell, re-sell, license, share or distribute these files, or claim any file or artwork/image as your own.
- Purchasing allows you use to the graphics, with all copyright to the images and artwork retained by Digital Planner Goods.