This tutorial is for those who work in GoodNotes 4.  GoodNotes updated their app in early 2020 and if you have the app GoodNotes 5, click here for that tutorial about digital stickers.

How to Upload Digital Planners and Stickers Into GoodNotes 5

How to Use Digital Stickers with GoodNotes

So you’ve just purchased some awesome digital sticky notes and are ready to get started using them in a digital planner or bullet journal on you iPad.

If you are using GoodNotes, one of the most popular notetaking apps around (it’s my favorite by far, at least so far), importing and editing digital stickers is an easy process. Let’s do this!

Note: If your stickers downloaded in .zip form and you need to know how to first get them unzipped into individual files, check out my handy tutorial on how to do just that using only the iPad here.

Finding The Sticker You Want To Import


In the GoodNotes app, digital stickers, tabs, washi tape and the like are imported using the “+” tab in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Once the menu drops down, select “Image”.

Select The Appropriate File Storage Location

After selecting “Image”, a menu will open where you can choose the location where you saved the digital files during the downloading process. 

Your file storage options may look different than the example picture because you may have subscriptions to different cloud storage systems, but the concept is the same.

Placing the Digital Sticker

Once you locate and select the sticker you want to import, GoodNotes places the sticker on the page and it is ready for you to move into place. 

Using your finger or Apple Pencil, you can size and postition the sticker wherever you would like on the page. Keep reading, though, for more editing options…

Editing The Sticker

If you want to adjust, edit or delete the digital sticker, press and hold the sticker to make an edit menu appear. Choose Edit to adjust the sticker’s location, size or orientation.

Click off of the sticker to leave edit mode and return to the page.

Getting Creative

Now is the time to let your personality shine though!

Start layering stickers and tabs to create custom looks that are both functional and pretty….In GoodNotes, the most recent sticker added to the page is positioned on the top of all other layers, so some planning may be necessary to achieve a desired look.


I’ve seen some super creative digital planner spreads that incorporate a variety of images, as well as some with just a few that still make the page stand out.

I’m a fan of somewhere in the middle. I love a good amount of color, but I don’t want to have such an over-the-top spread that I lose the whole purpose of having the planner in the first place. There are many ways to maintain a minimalist approach while still adding a pop of color or texture here and there…the possibilities are endless.


I hope helps you import those digital sticker goodness into a GoodNotes planner or journal with ease. 

Happy Digiplanning!


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